The Fixer Book

Ideas, tips, lessons and insights for junior and middle managers
that offer a practical guide to managing people

Ideas, tips, lessons and insights for junior and middle managers that offer a practical guide to managing people.

Management is the centre of the organisational effectiveness triangle, a triangle that is made up of your BUSINESS, your CUSTOMERS and the PEOPLE. Surrounded by the influences of senior management on the one side, the demands of the customer on the other and the complexities of the people you manage on the third side, how do you survive in the middle?

The Fixer takes a look at managing in the middle for Junior and Middle management and presents a simple “Keep In Step” methodology that allows you to remove the complexities and influences that surround you every day by using practical rules, principles, proven ideas and entrepreneurial lessons that will make a difference in improving your decision making and problem solving skills in managing and achieving your organisations, your teams, and your own goals and objectives.

"Every new manager should be given this book to read"

If you've just been promoted, or you're about to take your first steps in management, there are some things you need to know. Now that you landed the job, you need to figure out the best way to do the job; for your company, your customers, your co-workers, and yourself.

Young, fresh, enthusiastic managers often find themselves enclosed in a triangle, surrounded by the expectations of senior management, relentless customer demands, and the complexities of staff and team dynamics. Your success as a manager will be judged on your ability to handle these pressures whilst keeping your eye firmly on your own objectives. Your future career may depend on it.

"Iain Johnston has cracked the code"

In his new book The Fixer, veteran management consultant and trainer Iain Johnston dissects and examines the changing world of Junior and Middle Management, and presents a structured, time-saving methodology for mastering the challenges and obstacles you face each day. Using practical rules and principles, proven ideas, and entrepreneurial lessons, this book provides a tool-kit of techniques that will enable you to:

  • Dramatically improve your decision making and problem-solving skills,
  • Recognise problems as they approach, and solve them before they impact your business.
  • Drive achievement of personal, team, and corporate goals and objectives,

"So many new managers start their journey without enough training"

Nobody is ever born to be a manager. We all have to be taught the fundamentals. You could learn on the job or learn by your mistakes; either way it takes years of trial and error. Or you could read this book in a weekend, and be well on the way to management excellence by Monday morning.

"Iain is an expert in his field, his Sales Management knowledge and passion is outstanding and he manages to connect & pass on his knowledge with even the most junior staff members in a fun and engaging way."  
- Ann Hindle (Nestle)

Writing my book “The Fixer managing in the middle”, was a defining moment for me in that it confirmed where my passion lay, and that was to share my knowledge and experience and to make a difference to business owners, managers and entrepreneurs. The framework I have developed is around a practical strategy methodology, a sales and business structure called “Searching FOR Customers" and together with associated partner McConnon International (An Even Better Place to Work), offer a suite of programmes centred on leadership and management development and organisational effectiveness.

“In our constant search for knowledge and understanding we need to rationally sift through and remove the complexities of the influences that surround us, to enable us to reveal the answers that will naturally prevail through the simplicity of our own self-induced wisdom.”
- Iain Johnston

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