Strategic Framework

This is a framework of rules, ideas, lessons and a structured methodology to follow, that provides you with a template for developing a business strategy or plan, as well as an implementation platform to facilitate the improvement of revenue, profit and effectiveness.

Business development, be it a strategy of some kind, or the implementation of a plan of action, does not have to be complicated, in fact the “Keep it simple” or what we refer to as “keeping in step” is more effective. The objective of any strategy is to deliver and implement an action plan of activities and initiatives that are effective in delivering the objectives or goals you have set. Effectiveness is achieved when you ensure that everything you do is measurable and you are consistent in the way you think and the actions you take. Thus the equation that underpins this business strategy and programme, and is your constant guide throughout the process is:

E = MC²


The strategic framework takes you through eight steps, each step building on the previous one, to culminate at the eighth and final step to creating a plan.FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR ON LINE CONSULTING TO TAKE YOU THROUGH THESE STEPS PLEASE COMPLETE THE REQUEST FOR INFORMATION FORM BELOW.

First Step

Your location which is the foundation and starting point which sets up

Second Step

Your destination, the direction of where you want your business to go which is guided by

Third Step

The duration, the time frame you set to reach your destination and goals, this is influenced by

Fourth Step

Your passengers, the customers who decide to buy from you, who are in turn motivated by

Fifth Step

Their behaviour, the attitude and perceptions of your business, which you must understand in order to affect

Sixth Step

The change in their mind-set to embrace the perceived value you can add to their business that will ensure you effectively manage

Seventh Step

The journey the execution of the activities that is necessary for you to achieve your desired effects which will be made possible through correct measurement of

Eigth Step

The milestones which are the stepping stones that measure your activities in your journey of “Searching FOR Customers”

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