Sales Framework

The ‘Flight simulator’ Sales Programmes

These programmes are available online in an E book format, which can be complemented and supported either through a webinar or a one-on-one discussion through an internet platform. Off line presentations and workshops are also available in selected regions.

Information of the complete range of sales programmes is available at Send us an E mail and let us know what sales development you are interested in and we will send you more details and an overview of these and our other  programmes

The Tom – Tom sales direction finder

Without a structure there is no focus and without focus sales success is haphazard, without direction and like shooting in the dark
The Tom-Tom sales direction finder is a step by step programme methodology in building an effective sales territory and area of operation
This programme will give you confidence in building your strategic sales portfolios.

The Double difference – benefits and cost saving sales programme

As important as features are, they only tell, benefits sell. This programme highlights how to successfully make the sale by selling the benefits of your services and or products, in line with the key business drivers around which your customers business revolves. The successful outcomes of this programme will show you how to increase sustainable sales, without sacrificing price through meeting your customer needs.

The sales hunter – selling as a team

The most successful predators are those that hunt as a team. Sales success comes from teamwork and working as a team between internal and external partners. Understanding the power of the combination of one team, two skill sets and one customer, will result in maximising sales performance by aligning internal and external sales expertise.

The secrets to sales success – the recipes to successful selling

This programme unpacks the secrets that all sales people should adopt as a daily practice. Understand the fundamentals of selling that will form a solid foundation built from doing the small things extraordinary well, all the time.

Make prospecting work – part 1 & 2. The art of finding and communicating to the right people

As sales people we have to continually look for opportunities and find business wherever we can. When your prospective customer does not know who you are and what you do, how do you find them, communicate to them, and overcome their objections and reluctance to engage with you?
Making prospecting work, teaches you the skills of finding, or prospecting, communicating your services or products and identifying the opportunities to make the sale.

Top Gun – the A to Z of Selling

is ideal for non-sales people, new sales and as a refresher course for those more experienced sales people.
A full step by step programme to take people through the basics of selling, to understand trading versus discounting and the methodology, territory planning and the skills of planning an effective sales call.

The Sales Buster

is a programme for non-sales people. A sale is all about helping customers to decide to buy. This programme explores how to create an environment where customers want to buy from you. You will learn sound techniques, confidence and ability to make the sale.

Adding selling to telesales – a telesales skills course

This programme unleashes the potential of your telesales team to increase you sales by adding value and revenue to your business. This programme will move your telesales team from order taking to achieving new sales.

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