Implementation Framework

“The purpose of your business is to obtain and retain customers”

The Searching FOR Customers implementation framework is the sequel programme to the strategic framework programme is a practical guide and takes you through the practical steps to finding, obtaining and retaining customers, be it finding new customers, adding value to existing customers, or a relationship management programme to develop and retain loyal customers.

The purpose of your business is to obtain and retain customers, and primary goal or objective of your business is to make a profit. The process of finding, obtaining and retaining customers is designed to meet the desired effect of sustainable growth in your business, through an expanding base of retained loyal customers.FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ON OUR LINE CONSULTING SERVICES TO ASSIST YOU IN BOTH THE STRATEGIC AND IMPLEMENTATION FRAMEWORKS, PLEASE COMPLETE THE REQUEST FOR INFORMATION FORM BELOW.

Searching for customers is like a revolving wheel, a continuous cycle of events, activities and processes beginning with finding prospective customers, obtaining new customers and retaining loyal customers. Each of these is linked to the three primary methods of building your business, which in turn are influenced by key business drivers. We have kept this process simple in its approach, yet very effective in its application. It is a methodology you can apply to one aspect of your business, or to develop a complete plan or strategy in all three areas of finding, obtaining and retaining customers.

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