An Even Better Place to Work

...through enhancing the wellbeing, engagement and performance of the people in your
organisation who are responsible for delivering that experience.

“25% of a typical manager’s time is spent responding to dysfunctional conflict”  
(Dana Organisational Development)

80% of people leave jobs because of relationship issues and most of those are with their immediate supervisor” (Source: Saratoga Institute)

“Only 30% of people are actively engaged at work”

By Growing Leadership among your staff, your will improve Staff Satisfaction and Customer Experience will follow…. This is the An Even Better Place to Work™ promise.

What is An Even Better Place to Work?

An Even Better Place to Work™ is the world's first self-managed, on line (but not e-learning) culture and behaviour enhancing solution. BP2W is a programme that lets you understand and measure the wellbeing, mind-sets, attitudes, satisfaction & engagement level of the people in your organisation across seven key engagement areas

Improve Leadership, Develop Teams and Increase Staff Satisfaction
all in one on-line self-managed solutions

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