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Are you a manager or owner of a small or medium business searching for customers?

Are you finding it difficult to move your business forward, not getting traction in the sales and business development, or would just like assistance and guidance in getting some strategic focus, sales framework and direction to help you achieve your business goals and objectives and find more customers?

Perhaps you feel that your business is stagnating and you wish to increase sales revenue and need to evaluate it from a different perspective.

We have created a simple, clear and practical business methodology to help you formulate a strategic frameworks and an implementation platform that will assist you FIND, OBTAIN and RETAIN customers to increase revenue, profitability, and organisational effectiveness.

Searching FOR Customers is a series of proprietary business methodologies and programmes designed to help business owners and managers to effectively:

  • Put together a strategic plan or intervention to increase revenue
  • Develop and follow an implementation and action plan to find, obtain and retain customers
  • Measure and understand the attitudes, mind-sets and ¬†engagement of people within their organisations (An Even Better Place to Work)
  • Understand the crucial role of junior and middle management in managing the three key influences that impact on all businesses. (The Fixer)
  • Assist you in on-line and off-line Consulting and coaching of the Searching FOR Customers programmes
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